About Us

XII XV (XII-12 biblical means completion XV-15 Mean heal ) fitness was established in late 2018 by founder and CEO Tiffany "Malayasia" Carter who goes by Carter.

The mission of XII XV is to inspire people to live a healthy-fit lifestyle while being the strongest and boldest version of themselves.

  Inspired by the voice of the people, by providing clients with nutrition and personal training plans XII XV Fitness continues to provide inspiration. The XII XV Magazine features some of the most influential people in the world as they discuss topics such as fitness, nutrition, spiritual, environmental and mental health to name a few. During the distribution of the inaugural issue, the magazine was highlighted on FOX: “Good Day Philadelphia”. As a result, XII XV Fitness has become one of the fastest growing fitness brands.

 The XII XV Health and Fitness magazines, distributed in print and digital versions, has quickly become a nationally distributed magazine (reaching 253 stores nationwide). By the second issue, almost 1000 stores distributing the magazine. It does not stop there. XII XV fitness/brand has landed a partnership with Zingo TV, which will provide a platform to increase the brand's reach hitting two other countries (China & India) outside of the US. XII XV fitness even has its hand in the fashion world, producing sustainable eyewear and athleisure apparel.