The Spark and Inspiration of XII XV Health and Fitness

XII XV Health and Fitness, We wanted to bring you a combination of Health and Fitness advice from the professionals themselves. This includes myself, growing up in the Bennett Homes Project while my single mother raised 7 children that lived in a 4 bedroom apartment in Chester, PA. Where an area like this was considered to be a low poverty city. Where people couldn’t afford to eat healthy. Our parents worked 2 jobs just to pay the bills, while being on government assistance and receiving food from several food banks. We had to take what we could while our parents tried to provide the best clothing and food they could. Because our parents were pressed for time, everything we ate was either placed in a microwave or fried in a pan with sticks of butter or cooking oil, not to mention the majority of the food came from a food bank, which were canned (where these foods including vegetables were boiled that there were no nutrients left) and boxed food (was over cooked). Half of the population in Chester were overweight, which lead to major chronic illness, from heart attacks, obesity, diabetes, renal failure to nutrition deficiencies, just to name a few. I worked in the world of entertainment where I traveled and met so many people. This is where I was introduced to healthy food choices and what fitness was. On sets I’d watch people eat, fruits, vegetables prior to eating other food. I was told, at times, that I was a little thick. As a result of this, I began to engage in sports, where my coach had begun to speak of healthy food choices. At this time, we could afford to eat healthy, it was cheaper to purchase chicken legs and pork vs chicken breast. As I grew more into the entertainment world, I began to work with a nutrition coach and personal trainer, and my acting and modeling instructors educated me on proper/healthy eating. After all these years, I then decided to become a Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer. Not to mention my childhood experiences had directed me to educate myself in mental health, which helped lead me to contribute to applying this to my practice as a nutrition specialist assisting clients with accomplishing their goals. I decided to take a spiritual journey. This is a magazine that’s diversified and was created for all cultures. We welcome all walks of life to experience this journey with us, and hopefully use this as their health, fitness and nutrition bible. Here we are today, XII XV Health and Fitness was selected for a reason. Biblically, XII (12) means “completion”, and XV (15) means “healing”. So, we have “Completion” of “Healing” of Health and Fitness. Here we will assist you through, Health and Fitness. Experience life to the fullest, with our family friendly content, affordable recipes (including vegan recipes), grocery list to cut time, workouts to implement at home and the proper way to execute those workouts to get maximum results, chronic illness prevention and/or management. Amongst assistance on how food affects your overall health, to your mental health as well. I hope that you find this issue beneficial because it was created to assist and educate you through overall wellness, fitness and nutrition. Welcome, to the innovative approach to health and fitness.


XOXO, CEO, Creator, Founder, Editor in Chief - Carter

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