The Heart is the Engine of the Body

When we think of working out or exercising, one of the first things we think of is cardio, in which it does apply to the heart. However; some fitness experts like to think of it as the Cardiorespiratory System which is your heart (cardiovascular system) and your breathing (respiratory system) which plays a vital role in exercise. I say this because it determines factors such as your heart rate, calories being burned, when your body goes into anaerobic or aerobic and etc. As the experts a lot of times when we’re training clients we love to start working the glutes (butt) being they are the largest muscles of the body this allows the muscles to work extra hard to transport the oxygen to the heart. Benefits can be a wide range of things like (lower blood pressure, lessen risk of diabetes, maintaining a good healthy body weight, and reduce inflammation throughout the body)

BY: Carter and David Gerting


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