What is XII XV Health and Fitness Magazine ? (Advertise with US)

INTRO / XII XV HEALTH & FITNESS MAGAZINE XII XV (12 15, the completion of healing), differentiating itself from your average Health and Fitness magazine. XII XV Health and Fitness was selected for a reason. We encourage all walks of life from youth to adults, to better their lifestyle by providing informative assistance in their journey. Bringing to the fore front some of the most influential people in the world, including accredited professionals. This magazine will provide researched facts, practices, tutorials to your spiritual guidance, along with nutrition (exploring recipes from plant based to your average diet), injury prevention and maximizing results, all of which leads to an insightful understanding of a true healthy way of living. Unlike other magazines, we emphasize a deeper connection to mental, medical, physical and spiritual wellness, being so they all contribute to an individual’s overall health. So come experience life to its fullest by subscribing to a health and fitness magazine like no other. Allow us to motivate, rejuvenate, educate and build confidence, while inspiring you to cultivate a healthier lifestyle. No matter if you’re an everyday person with little fitness experience or even a fitness guru, this magazine will provide a vast array of health information available and obtainable to you as the reader. We’d like to take our subscribers through a unique health and fitness experience. Our goal is to assist you with accomplishing any goal you set for yourself to achieve the healthiest way possible. This is a magazine designed to fit the needs of all people. We intend to be the go to magazine for all your fitness and health needs. Welcome to the future... XII XV “Completion of Healing” www.xiixvbrand.com Contact us: for advertisement advertise@xiixvbrand.com 



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